Friday, 17 May 2019

Dear all Participants,

We are glad to invite you for the conference of 12th Annual meet on Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology 2019. Here for the Student category also we are giving the #Event Credits# this is so, useful for the young re-searchers.

kindly we are requesting you all the young re-searchers they may can utilize this chance and try to get more knowledge regarding your topic.....

Friday, 10 May 2019

#Bacteriology# has a  “new technologies” described here was part of a group session entitled #Clinical Microbiology# in the Year 2015, part of the 2011 Camp Clin Micro meeting held in Houston, TX. The discussion focused on new and emerging laboratory methods, specifically those related to identification of bloodstream infections (BSIs), which are among the most critical of any infections characterized in #clinical microbiology#.
To get more information about the new inventions which regards the #Bacteriology# new technologies......... #kindly follow our conference #Bacteriology Asia Pacific 2019#

Here by inform you that for #delegate 20% discount in the registration price

for registration follow this link:-

Monday, 6 May 2019

Dear Participants,

Kindly we are announcing that #Bacteriology# conference is going to be giving chance to all the "young researchers" allow them to participate in this seminar and we are offering them a 20% discount registration price. So, we are requesting all of young researchers kindly utilize this chance....

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Friday, 3 May 2019

Dear Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors & Sponsors,

Conference Series LLC LTD welcomes you to join the "12th Annual Meet on Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology" on September 23-24, 2019. The conference will be held in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

The Theme of Bacteriology Asia Pacific 2019 is to “Advance Research in Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology”.

The Bacteriology Asia Pacific 2019 Conference is an International conference of 2 days, providing the most up-to-date information, research, guidance and policy discussion for professionals in the Bacteriology and Microbiology field. It is your opportunity to learn and network with friends and colleagues from around the globe while having fun at the same time.

We very much look forward seeing you in Tokyo,Japan  on September 23-24, 2019. In case you have a question about the conference, contact Ms. Christian Reid, the manager of this conference.

Thanks & Regards
Conference Committee
Bacteriology Asia Pacific 2019

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Dear Participants,

#With the success of 2018 conference, I proudly announce the next upcoming event i.e. #12th Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology 2019# which is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Kindly we are informing that we are having the
#Eminent persons which are going to be attending our “12th Annual Meet on Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology 2019”#
Conference and they can share their ideas, knowledge about the relevant topics like #Microbiology, #Bacteriology, #Parasitology, #virology, #Microbial Genomics, #Bacterial Parthenogenesis, #Plant Bacteriology, #Bacterial Morphology &Metabolism, #Clinical Diagnostic Bacteriology…..

So, we are gladly inviting you all come and join in this event and you can share your ideas to all….
Please be complete your event formalities like Abstract submission and Register for the event

for more details please visit us our website:-

Dear all Participants, We are glad to invite you for the conference of 12th Annual meet on Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology 2019. ...